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Crystal Buffer/Divider Board

         Thousands Sold

Add this small board to an ATE

System fixture and program and

measure resonant crystal and

electronic oscillator frequencies to

100MHZ during in-Circuit Test (ICT)




Frequency Isolator/Divider Brd.

           Hundreds Sold

System fixture and program and

measure up to eight electronic

oscillator frequencies to 100MHz

during In-Circuit Test (ICT).





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Crystal Buffer / Divider Board

Thousands Sold!

The TestNet Crystal Buffer/Divider Board is used for

dealing with the measurement of crystal oscillators

and other components that share the same nodes.

In addition, it can be used to test individual oscillators

or clock generators on your product.  Further, the board

also helps stabilize digital testing in general and FLASH memory programming in particular.  The signal wire attenuation effects and crosstalk are reduced by mounting this small board in the future, as close as possible to the DUT.

Now, high frequency crystals on printed circuit boards can be reliably measured thus verifying their presence and functionality.  The production process no longer has to rely on visual inspection to detect missing or wrong crystals or poor solder connections.  In high volume production testing applications, the new board can help detect heat and moisture related process problems as indicated by failed crystal measurement.

Another application where the benefits of the new product are significant is during value added FLASH memory programming at in-circuit test.  Integrating the buffer/divider board in the fixture and test program when testing the microprocessor crystal allows the crystal to free run, by disconnecting the fixture wires and therefore their attenuation effect on the circuit.  Although the microprocessor is disabled during FLASH programming, loading on its crystal nodes can cause the microprocessor to enter a CMOS latch up state thus producing intermittent FLASH programming results.  The TestNet Crystal Buffer/Divider Board prevents this effect from occurring and allows for reliable FLASH programming.

Crystal/Oscillator/Generator testing, FLASH memory programming, and digital testing while holding the microprocessor in reset, all become more reliable when incorporating this board into the ATE test fixture and as part of the test program.

The board helps ATE engineers provide more complete and stable test programs in less time.  The net effect is significant cost savings due to shortened test development time, improved process test coverage, and then improved yield at functional test.

The board mounts inside the test fixtures for ATE systems from suppliers including Teradyne, Agilent, GenRad, and others.

The list price of the Crystal Buffer/Divider Board is under $250, and less in quantities.

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